Friday, 24 October 2008

Zaki Zaki Zaki

Should I go or should I stay… or something like that. Not that the “I” comes into at all. Cos let’s face it if he continues in this form he ain’t going to stay with us. The big four will come a calling and as much as Amr kisses the badge this season he’ll be trading in the Once a blue always blue for the red of Liverpool or United.

So where does all this leave the Latics fans and what does it tell us about the current state of football and the current state of Latics?

Firstly I have to say he looks a top, top player and all we can really do is enjoy his presence and hope he gets enough goals to keep us up. We may even get him on a permanent deal but I somehow doubt it. And that is upsetting on a number of levels. Firstly the question has to be asked as to why we didn’t sign him on a permanent deal? Well if news is correct that Bruce didn’t want to risk £7.25m on him then hmmm. If indeed he was allowed to make that decision.

Father Jack promised £7m players during the close season yet nobody really believed him. Let’s face it he has never really recovered from paying £5.5m for Koumas. Fucking hell it almost drove him to the Priory! That’s Whelan not Koumas (insert winky thing). Let’s face facts that the infamous war chest remains firmly closed. If, however, he did say to Bruce: “Here’s seven mill get Zaki” and Bruce said that he thought it was too much of a risk then what does that tell us a bout Bruce – the manager.

I really like the fella but maybe (just maybe) he hasn’t got that bit extra that will make him a truly great manager. Has he got the eye for a player? Will he take the risk on a player? Returning to Birmingham for players suggests he’s happy with what he knows. And there probably isn’t anything wrong with that but has he got that bit of nastiness? That sharp eye that says “you know what I’ll risk it with this lad.”

I’m not sure what the Zaki situation is but we (and everybody else) will have to get used to it. Happened with Rooney at Everton while Berbatov had a great season with Spurs and then pissed about for the rest of the time until United came calling. That’s football 2008. That’s why I can’t really get on with it. Never really liked people with money and that’s the way it always will be.

But back to Zaki and let's hope he contiunues this rich vein of storm because in amongst this we'll have the January fire-damaged sale when Father Jack will wave Palacios, Heskey and Valencia around like rent boys on the rack at Piccadilly Circus. Whether Bruce has indeed boobed by not signing Zaki on a permanent or not his managerial prowess will be tested thoroughly if the Father Jack sells the others in the window. If Bruce (and Zaki) keeps us up then the loan signing of the Egyptian may just be the best signing of Bruce's career...

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