Wednesday, 22 October 2008

From sunny New York - Clobber

Well we discussed the Torres jacket on the Mudhutsmedia forums. One of our number said the following: “Given the colour and the velcro name patch holder over the left breast pocket I'd guess you're looking at something issued to the emergency services, or at least a copy of the same.

The cut (cuffs, collar, pockets etc.) is incredibly close to the US Military BDU jacket. Google 'M65 jacket' and see if I'm wrong.”

Well he was bang on and amazingly it’s being made by Nike! Well not that amazing as Torres wore it in a Nike ad but… Well they just don’t make good clobber. Well they have done this time.

Available in New York only by the looks of things and no sign of price but a great coat

"He bought the coat from sunny Spain" or maybe not

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