Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Football that is rich

Wigan Council operates this Ring and Ride scheme - provides a door-to-door accessible minibus service for people of all ages who find it difficult to use 'ordinary' transport. Keep thinking I might take ‘em up on the offer. Can’t stand buses. Can’t stand trains. But can’t call ‘em as I’ve no credit in my phone. Currently waiting for the American government to bail me out. I’m that skint.

Shopping for whoopsies at Asda. Boiling a kettle for water to wash in, as it’s cheaper that putting the immersion on. Walking everywhere. Miles after miles. Chewing gum to stave off the hunger pains. Raiding my mum’s fridge for chocolate biscuits. One crumpet a day – two on a Saturday will do me fine.

As that great philosopher Marx (Groucho) said: “I came into this world with nothing; and still have most of it left...”

“So excuse me while I light my spliff” and try not to laugh too much at brokers and bankers bawling their eyes out as they have lost their jobs. Didn’t fucking cry when you got that 100k bonus, did you? So you can fuck right off now. As can QPR with their £40 tickets for Championship football. As can Chelsea with their prices and Whelan putting his Pooles pies up 22p in 2.2 months. Oh there he is with his wife walking down Tottenham High Road. Not exactly Parbold is it, Father Jack? And what about all those darkies about, eh? And not just in the Wigan team. Bit of a fuck up for the “Wigan is white” brigade that innit. Don’t fucking bother me. I’ll drink with any man and fuck any woman. Couldn’t be arsed about creed and colour.

Me and the poor boys and girls will just put Tom Russell on the stereo and drink coffee and chew gum to stave off the hunger. Don’t bother about rich boys and Tory twats. Entrepreneurs and stockbrokers. Bores me senseless. And football’s now about money and entrepreneurs. And the stadiums are not grounds anymore and our place of worship has had the lead stripped off the roof and “offers 15 suites ranging from an Executive Box for up to 24 people to the rather unique indoor Marquee for up to 500 people. Nine of the suites offer spectacular pitch views. Two suites offer ground floor access, ideal for car launches and exhibitions. All suites offer air-conditioning. Wireless internet access is available throughout the Stadium.”

It used to be pies and Bovril and tumbleweed blowing over the Town End and now it’s fat girls in suits at conferences from Monday to Friday and fat cats in suits on Saturdays.

And it should be football that is rich with prices for the poor. But it’s over at that level. That top level where the football is poor with prices for the rich. So I’ll stick to my ideals and go the library and borrow a book and listen to Tom Russell sing Walking on the moon. And there are tears in my eyes as he touches my soul. And I love Tom Russell and I’d take a man or a woman that loves Tom Russell over brokers and bankers and new football fans and sportswear retailers any day.

“Now the lights of the town are growing yellow brown,
The moon is beginning to rise and I left momma at the door
I said don’t worry any more
I’ve seen daddy put those stars in your eyes…”

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