Friday, 24 October 2008

Pop will eat itself

Man cannot live on Special Brew alone so for those moments when you need something a little more refreshing here are the Mudhutters top ten fizzy drinks

1. D&G Ginger Beer

The boss can of pop. Serve cold. Fuck the chilled bit - freezing cold. Pour into glass and let the spicy ginger rush to your head

2. Coca Cola

Must have been the end of the sixties. I'd be ten or so and I'm on the beach and it's boiling and I'm just beginning to notice girls. They are suntanned and gorgeous and wearing next to nothing and I'm drinking Coca Cola out of a bottle and it's lovely. Shit out of cans

3. Dandelion & Burdock

A proper Wigan drink. Better when you were a kid as it hasn't aged as well as some but still pretty fine...

4. Robinson's Barley Orange

It will always be hot and it will always be Borg v McEnroe. Dan Maskell's in full flow and you're sat there drinking the same stuff as the Ice-cool Bjorn and Mad John

5. Vimto

Another Northern classic. Ribena was for the posh lot - Vimto for us

6. Shandy Bass

This bottle contains less than 2 1/2% alcohol. Like it mattered. We saw it as proper beer and it tasted lovely. Ditto cider ice lollies

7. Lemonade

The proper cloudy stuff you can get now. Makes the old tastless stuff we used to drink as kids seem like water

8. Dr Peppers

First time I ever had this was around 1980 after playing 5-a-side at the Michael Sobell centre in Finsbury Park. Used to serve great big cups of it with loads of ice. Never tasted anything like it at the time. Nor since. It used to be lovely - I'm not sure now...

9. Cream Soda

We weren't posh enough for this but the Tinsley's next door but one had it. Then again their house resembled a cross between Are you being served and Abigail's Party.

10. Orange Lucozade

Best hangover cure ever!!

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