Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Let it Fry

The planet’s over heating
and I couldn’t give a shit
I’m sick of don’t do that,
fed up of must do this.

I’m tired of recycling
and your different fucking bins
Don’t put it in that one,
separate the glass from tins.

Turn your heating down,
fuck you I’ve turned mine up
and I’ve left on all my lighting
just to piss you off.

So save your fucking preaching
cause I’ve bigger fish to fry
The planets fine and so am I
fuck off, curl up and die.


1 comment:

terrythomas said...

Too effin right Dom, we who scrimp and scrape a living while the fat bastard managers drive around in their fat 4x4s with their equally fat wives and kids. With their bastard outdoor lighting in their bastard perfect gardens. Their fat bastard bodies sweating in their fat bastard hot tubs. Fuck em.