Wednesday, 27 August 2008

21 Essential Items for the post-casual credit-crunch northern man's wardrobe. Autumn/Winter 2008

1. Six pairs of battered adidas trainers. Owt will do as long as they don't cry out 2008 reissue. And on the Sabbath God wore Wallabies
2. John Partridge waxed jacket. As Barbour becomes as ubiquitous as BHS Partridge is a good alternative
3. Oxford Cotton Buttoned-Down or the OCBD as it is known in trad circles. As usual M&S can be relied on with its less than £20 shirt
4. Baracuta G9 Harrington - nuff said
5. Primark socks. Seven pairs for a fiver or whatever and they last longer than many other far more expensive pairs
6. Ditto Champion sports socks from JJB. Great quality and surely the time is right for the white sock revival
7. Clarks desert boots. The more battered they get the better they look
8. Lee jeans. Find them at Matalan cheap and still better than any skinny-jean-designer-distressed bollocks you'll ever see
Le Tigre polos. Again the Skem Selfridges can supply - at certain stores any road
10. Fawn-coloured Wrangler cords: appearing in TK Maxx as we speak
11. The M&S lambswool sweater - for the 26th year on the trot
12. The old Stone Island jacket. You know the one - that which would now fetch a couple of ton on ebay and tells the world that you bought it back in 1987! Just don't wear it to the match
13. Six battered Lacoste polos. Any colour will do as long as they don't cry out Hurleys 2008. And on the Sabbath God wore Ralph
14. Waterproof jacket. Berghaus, Paramo, Mountain Equipment. Anything that says Lake District
15. A decent pair of boots in case the global warming decides to have a holiday. Anything will do. Shop around there are enough brands out there
16. Lumberjack-type shirts from the Skem supermarket that is Matalan. Summat like £4 a chuck. Just button them up to the top and pretend you're as skinny as you were back then.
17. A couple of thick plain sweatshirts with absolutely no label/writing on them
18. A couple of thick woolly hats with absolutely no label/writing on them
19. Nice pair of leather gloves - try TKs for some crackers
20. One big fuck off down-filled jacket with a hood, ski-gloves and pray for some snow to bring out the Eskimo in you
21. A scarf as an accessory tied in a certain way - only joking

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