Tuesday, 26 August 2008


It’s not often we praise the French at Mudhuts (K21 Excepted) but we have to say Coup de Grace’s tee shirts are the best we’ve seen this summer. In a sea of Henleys and Gio Goi shite they are set to drop their latest collection of tees which carry the same strong imagery which has made the brand so revered and respected. Among the topics making their way into the t-shirt are Notorious B.I.G., Brazilian underwear model Lima, the Civil Rights movement, Miami and Paris. Available now for pre-order at RobustFlavor.com.

Here are some more detailed images and the official blurb. Magnifique!

Coup De Grace - pronounced [kuh-de-grah], means "blow of mercy" in French. The term is used to describe the deathblow intended to end suffering of a mortally wounded creature and is figuratively used to describe the act which brings about the end of some entity.
Coup De Grace offers diverse ways of thinking through visual design in apparel. Music, media, sports and individualism around daily issues inspire the team behind CDG. Coup De Grace is a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to unique views to everyday situations.

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